DISMATEC realise the importance of the Customer’s core business and the need for minimal disruption to this during the execution of a new project.

We acknowledge the importance of an excellent Customer-Contractor relationship to reach the intended goals of maintained productivity and a successful completed project.

To achieve these goals, DISMATEC offer a Turnkey Service for selected project requirements.

Our Turnkey Service may be adapted to suit Customer’s needs of maintaining stability of the core business and managing a new project, in parallel.

Services offered are:


Pro active and experienced advice on glass plant schemes, furnace design and structures, dismantling and installation techniques and technical support.

Glass Plant Consultancy

New Furnace Installation

New build Turnkey solutions offered to meet realistic program schedules working to current regulations and legislation.

New Furnace Installation

Existing Furnace Rebuild

Turnkey rebuild solutions, satisfying full or partial rebuilds, offered to meet minimum furnace 'down-time'.

Existing Furnace Rebuild

Hot Repair

Hot repairs to the furnace refractory structure, often working under operating conditions, to prevent major production losses.

Hot Repairs to Furnace

Inspection & Maintenance

Visual and thermal furnace structure audits resulting in providing comprehensive data, establishing scheduled maintenance and an aid to extending furnace life.

Furnace Inspection and Maintenance