Results and recommendations given in the DISMATEC furnace refractory structure auditing report will identify scheduled and pro-active maintenance work minimising the risk of ?fire-fighting? maintenance.

Generally all maintenance and repairs are carried out on an operating furnace under hot conditions for which DISMATEC have extensive experience

For maintenance work it is extremely important that the correct materials and techniques are?used to address each situation and a maintenance schedule is prepared.

DISMATEC offer advice on the materials to be used, correct techniques and procedures?required to complete maintenance work to the required standard, maintenance programme?schedules and ultimately can offer to carry out the work with their workforce.

We recognise that all maintenance cannot be pro-active and on occasions emergency?maintenance work is necessary.

DISMATEC are able to immediately respond to an emergency problem situation in the fields?of structural, mechanical and electrical and can have representatives at a given site, as soon as?practically possible, based on the customer?s instructions.

Importance of scheduled and pro-active maintenance identified

Scheduled or pro-active maintenance

Scheduled furnace maintenance



No scheduled or pro-active maintenance

No Scheduled furnace maintenance

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