Customers are continuously trying to extend the furnace ‘design campaign life’ to help achieve production requirements and commercial criteria.

DISMATEC can help the Customer realise their goals, with the aid of the offered furnace audit and scheduled maintenance services.

Extending Furnace Campaign Life

Because of the present World financial status companies have had to address and are constantly considering their Business Strategy.

To this end the Campaign Life of the Furnace is being extended further moving towards the extreme in many cases.

DISMATEC have considered this situation and offer the full service of Furnace Refractory Structure Audits including for Visual, Thermography and Endoscopic together with the ability to fully assess results utilising their comprehensive knowledge and experience and give realistic and meaningful recommendations.

This service helps to identify potential problems at an early stage, preventing unexpected and sudden refractory structure failure and allow time for planning a maintenance programme.

As the furnace campaign life extends the electrical and mechanical systems should also be inspected for deterioration together with other plant systems. The audit service offered by DISMATEC can be adapted to such systems.

We believe that this is a pro-active service moving the mode of direction away from a ?fire-fighting? situation.

DISMATEC offer a complete inspection and maintenance service including;

glass furnace inspectionglass furnace inspection

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