During the period of a furnace campaign life, it is becoming more of a norm to carry out hot repairs to the furnace refractory structure. Some hot repairs being general maintenance and others falling into the category of either work contributing towards an extended designed furnace campaign life or emergency work.

It is important that all hot repairs are carried out by experienced personnel, having a good knowledge of refractory materials and installation techniques, to help prevent continuous repairs being necessary or a refractory structure failure.

DISMATEC are specialists in the field of hot repairs and have a depth of experience in the category of hot repairs, including;

  • Metal-line over-coating
    Hot Furnace Repair
  • Total melter sidewall over-coating
  • Throat over-coating
  • Melter crown rat-hole sealing
  • Crown expansion joint re-sealing
  • Melter superstructure wear repair and rat-hole sealing
  • Replacement of part or total superstructures.

Our personnel are experienced in working under hot conditions and on furnaces working under production parameters, with the understanding that the customer needs to achieve minimal production losses and time delays.

DISMATEC supply a turnkey package to suit all particular types of hot repair, including;

  • Engineering expertise to assess an area designated to be repaired
  • Advice and recommendations for areas to be repaired
  • Refractory materials
  • Experienced refractory disciplined supervision and workforce to carry out hot repairs
  • Experienced mechanical disciplined supervision and workforce to assist with hot repairs