After the completion of a furnace construction, it is important to monitor the condition of the furnace refractory structure on a scheduled basis over the total furnace campaign period. This monitoring provides a pro-active tool towards identifying potential problem areas of the furnace refractory structure for both the immediate time and the future, therefore, minimising the possibility of a major structural problems or catastrophes occurring and extending the designed furnace campaign life.

DISMATEC supply a total audit package to meet the customer’s requirements, including;

  • Furnace refractory structure visual audit
  • Thermography audit
  • Endoscopy audit

Each audit service has individual merits to identifying potential problem areas and together form the basis of a comprehensive report provided by DISMATEC after each audit is completed.

We can advise the customer on the required number of audits per year, based on the present furnace campaign life, condition of the furnace refractory structure and required extended furnace campaign life.

Each type of audit is carried out by qualified and experienced Engineers, using the state of the art equipment. Our furnace refractory structure audit service is a means to achieving an extended furnace campaign life and added value for the customer?by providing a complete ?health check? of the furnace and exact status of the structure as the furnace campaign life continues.

DISMATEC?s furnace refractory structure audit carried out to a recommended audit schedule is a pro-active ?tool? for realising an extended furnace campaign life. From our experience extended furnace campaign life has ranged from six months to four years.