DISMATEC offer a Turnkey supply for all types of existing furnace rebuild projects, either total or partial, including for any replacement or re-furbished process equipment or plant.

We can supply a full package of refractory materials, steelwork, pipework, ductwork and electrical items for the furnace, distributor and forehearths, together with plant and equipment, in total or part, meeting the designer?s specifications and sourced from reputable suppliers.

Our impartial position towards suppliers enables us to supply materials, plant and equipment to totally satisfy the customer?s criteria and fully consider their recommendations and requirements.

We execute all sizes of projects under the current UK Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and Environmental Legislation, in order to set a high standard of Health & Safety and conformity from the start.

DISMATEC offer a complete service from project commencement to hand-over, including;