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DISMATEC the Queen?s Award for Enterprise – International Trade 2014 winning UK based Engineering company are now offering new services in their categories of Consultancy and Site Services, including;


  • Glass Factory Due Diligence exercises
  • Assessment of Plant performance, including, operational excellence, optimisation of production and commercial aspects.
  • Production planning
  • Plant organisation including a focus on cost reduction opportunities
  • Production characteristics, including; a focus on light weight (LW) projects in B&B and NNPB production processes
  • Mould design, efficiency of job changes and maintenance together with offering training courses relating to these subjects
  • On and off site operations support
  • Project assistance with the customer
  • Evaluation of the refractory supplier prior to selection and order placement

Site Services

  • Drilling of refractory structures for the installation of electrodes and thermocouples together with test drilling to establish the actual thickness of a refractory structure
  • Electric boost electrode replacement and advancement
  • Regenerator packing thermal cleaning including for individual chimneys
  • Inspection of the regenerator packings from the base by video

These services have been developed to encompass further needs of the customer leading to a more complete turnkey supply from DISMATEC.

For further information please contact DISMATEC at;

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