DISMATEC provides consultancy services to customers worldwide from the project concept through to glass production and troubleshooting unforeseen problems.

glass refractory consultancy

Our wide base of experience and knowledge allows us to provide realistic technical, practical and commercial glass plant engineering solutions and advice for turnkey green-field site projects or projects involving rebuilds of existing furnaces and changes to an existing glass plant scheme.

DISMATEC are unbiased towards any supplier and are therefore able to offer impartial advice and optimum recommendations for identified schemes or projects of any nature and discipline.

Our unique position in this field enables us to evaluate available products in the market place, fit them into the appropriate category of a scheme and meet the criteria of the customer?s needs and expectations

We believe that communication is very important towards the success of any project; therefore, during the consultancy period, close contact with the customer is maintained together with the building of a good relationship.

Our Consultancy Services include;

  • Glass Plant schemes
  • Furnace design and refractory selection evaluation
  • Furnace construction and plant installation evaluation
  • Furnace and plant commissioning
  • Furnace dismantling
  • Waste materials management and disposal
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental procedures
  • Glass container production expertise
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical support