Site Management

It is essential to have optimum communication levels and co-ordination of site workforce personnel of different disciplines, in order to maintain good working practices, high levels of health & safety and minimum areas of conflict, throughout the programme of works being carried out.

DISMATEC supply the service of site management, provided by experienced and qualified site managers helping to achieve the highest standards of workmanship, throughout the site work programme period.

Our site manager will liaise with the supervisors and staff of the total site workforce, together with the DISMATEC contract and project management personnel, on daily basis.

Site Supervision and Workforce

A major factor towards the success of any installation is experienced construction and installation personnel who are knowledgeable in the fields of materials, installation methods and techniques, for all aspects of glass melting furnace construction and installation of plant and equipment.

furnace construction and installation DISMATEC supply site supervision and workforce personnel of allConstruction and Installation disciplines, having the necessary skills to satisfy the requirements of supplying a high quality product, including,
Refractory Installation
Steelwork Erection
Ductwork Installation
Pipework Installation
Electrical Installation
Furnace Pre-heat
We also supply site supervision on a stand alone basis, to supervise experienced local labour supplied by the customer, if required to do so.

DISMATEC have experience of working with local labour or being totally ?self sufficient? for furnace construction, equipment and plant installation work and are willing to provide the numbers of personnel to suit the customer?s requirements.